Van Haren Publishing | Corporate

Our team

Founder of Van Haren Publishing, Ivo is active in the Best Practise industry for over 25 years. His name has become a concept in the Best Practise industry.
Ivo van Haren
Miriam often manly takes care of our internal operation. Also, present at Van Haren for nearly 20 years. She functions as a vital backbone to our organization.
Miriam Blom
Financial Director
Maurits has covered many possitions withing Van Haren, as director of Van Haren Learning Solutions. He takes care of all our certification business.
Maurits van der Plas
Director Learning Solutions
Pierre is now also part of the Van Haren legally. And there is not much he does not know within the organization as such he is head of all IT and delivery.
Pierre de Wit
IT & Delivery Manager
There ain't much Rolf can't do. But he does have a clear preference. With that in mind he does new business and is head of our marketing.
Rolf velthoven
Marketing & Business Development Manager
New to our team Dennis is making the new website.
Dennis van Esch
Marketing Backend
Lonne is our marketing lead and automation expert.
Lonne Ravensburger
Marketing Automation
Jantine is lead courseware publishing
Jantine de Wit
Publisher & Backend support
Anne-Marrie makes sure we keep our perfect status.
Anne-Marie van Diem
Bart needs no introduction, there is little he does not know..
Bart Verbruggen
Senior Publisher
Lida coordinates all editing
Lida Bos
Production & editing @ Coco​
Theo does a lot of edditing
Theo van Middelaar
Editing @ Coco​
Togheter with Jerado
Jerado Vennek
Editing @ Coco
Steve Newton
Text Edithor
English and translations
Sabine Heijmans
Copy edithing English
Sabine Verstijnen
Copy edithing Dutch
Jannike takes care of our Dutch publications
Jannike Wolters
Alexander occasionally does courseware publications
Alexander van der Plas
Courseware Publisher
Mark does not worry so easily, there is nothing that he can't fix.
Mark Kouwenhoven
Head of distribution exams
Tara helps is communicate and organize with all our many vendors
Tara Abdolazimi
Project Manager @CertN
Frank is simple, very funny!
Frank Turley
Morral support & CEO@CertN
If work is your hobby, you can really do lots of it
Nader K. Rad
Head exam development @CertN